A Blessing from a Mother in Zion

A Blessing from a Mother in Zion

I call your spirits to attention because I want to speak truth to you today.

No matter what your souls do, think or feel, your spirits are alive in Christ.

I want you to know that you were created for greatness and that your Father in Heaven loves you.

You are eternal beings, who will live forever,
You are indestructible, ageless sons of God.

You are on a journey, a pilgrimage here on earth,
It’s only temporary and in proportion to eternity,
A lifetime is over quite quickly.

You were sent to earth to take dominion and subdue it
And you have been give the power to do it.

You have the intelligence to fix anything, to create, to communicate, to educate, to procreate, to invent and to work and prosper together.

Here is what you must understand, no matter what kind of shape your soul and body is in—you can fix it, as you co-labor with the Holy Spirit. Don’t be mad at the condition, just go to work.

I speak to your spirits as a Mother in Zion and I encourage them to rise up to their full potential in Christ Jesus.

Your spirits were created in the very image and likeness of God. Your spirit’s even though they are each unique, also have things in common.

Your spirits don’t like to lose, because they were created to overcome and conquer. The soul perverts this into stubbornness and pride. It perverts a spiritual strength and makes it sin.

Your spirits are hungry for the anointing and glory of God. Your body and souls pervert this and create addictions and lust.

Your spirits thrive on love. Your souls and bodies, if allowed, will pervert this and you will be overtaken by lust.

Your spirits require intimate times with God so they can be infused with life, without it you will be a soul and body dragging around death.

Your spirits were created to rule your souls and bodies. The Holy Spirit’s job is to teach it how. This is the only way you will be able to experience the Kingdom of God. Without Kingdom rule, you will only taste soulish Christianity, which will leave you frustrated, disappointed, empty, powerless, and self-focused.

Your spirits are victorious, glorious, undefeated champions able to conquer all the enemies of God. The Holy Spirit is here to train and equip you.

As a mother in Zion, I want you to know that your spirits are special, no matter what destruction or defilement has come to the soul and body, underneath it all is a special spirit which desires to shine for God so today I speak to you and say, Arise Shine!

Shine greater than the rejection.
Shine greater than the fear.
Shine greater than all of the loss.

You are greater than the limits set by those who only had the ability to see you with earthly eyes.

Your Creator is great. You were endowed with greatness and you can walk in greatness.

To be great is simple, just let the Holy Spirit teach you how to be who you were created to be and the purpose you were created for when those two come together, you will have mission accomplished. Arise Shine!

Now, Spirits, I exhort you today to begin to take full command of all things that concern us and help transform us into the significant, spiritual beings we were originally intended to be. Do not let us forget our mission, or forgo our destiny. Let us pilgrimage with purpose and as a Mother in Zion, I can tell you—you will make it!

Remember, no matter what the enemy throws at you—you are indestructible, your essence, your fragrance, your light will live forever.

Today, I bless you with a Mother’s Blessing.

Dr. Kathy Tolleson
Kingdom Life Now



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