Dr. Kathy Tolleson has been ordained, under Dr. Bill Hamon, Christian International Apostolic Network since 1991. She received and Honorary Doctorate in Theology in 2014 and holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Stetson University. Dr. Kathy has also trained with Chester and Betsy Kylstra of Restoring the Foundations Ministry and has ministered to and trained others in the Restoring the Foundations format.

Over the years, she has learned the difference between counseling through education, Biblical understanding and experience and working with the amazing power of God. By learning how to hear the voice of God, move in the gifts of the spirit and release the seven-fold Spirit of God in her counseling ministry, Dr. Kathy has been able to fulfill the first prophetic word she ever received, “that she would minister prophetic counsel and see what used to take years and months and weeks happen in weeks and days and minutes.” That word has come to pass and over the years she has ministered to thousands of people from around the world.

*Most individuals Dr. Kathy works with are referred. Many problems can be handled by church staff and local counselors.


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